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A Game for Good Christians costs $35 including shipping and handling in the US. (International S/H will vary depending on location). Games are shipping now! Order your copy while supplies last.

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15 Days Left for Discount Expansion Decks

There are only 15 days left to pre-order the A Game for Good Christians Expansion Decks at discounted prices AND received a custom card with your name on it! 

Act now to pre-order the “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” Expansion Deck and/or the Wisdom Books Expansion Deck for $15 each or both for $25.  (After August 15th the price goes up to $18.50 and $35 respectively)

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All 50 states in a Year!

On August 7, 2013, the first copy of A Game for Good Christians was sold on Indiegogo. Since then we have sold almost 500 copies of the main game and are currently selling our Expansion Decks!
It’s been an amazing year for our small business.

We’ve sold games internationally in Australia, Canada, Germany, and the UK. Here in the US we’ve had games purchased in almost all 50 states, and that’s the problem.

42/50 states: we can do better and we need your help to cross these states off the list.




New Mexico

South Dakota


West Virginia


If you know someone in one of these states who would like out form of biblical madness, drop them a line about us. Or be a good friend and buy them a copy yourself.

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